Bedford Jewish Community

BJC provides a social, cultural and religious gathering point for Bedfordís Jewish and interfaith households.

Joining Bedford Jewish Community

How do I join?

Joining the BJC is easy! Just print the form, fill it out, and mail it back or bring it to the next BJC event. Please click here for the form.

Itís membership renewal time!

Wondering what the differences are between the various membership categories?

Membership Types Here is a quick summary of the options. Each level covers all members of a household.
Introductory You get your first year of membership in BJC free. When Introductory members attend events they are considered Full members. Introductory memberships are open only to residents of Bedford.
Associate Usually chosen by those who want to support BJC and stay connected (continue to get the newsletter throughout the year) but generally don't plan to attend any events. If Associate members do attend events, they pay a slightly higher entry fee for that event.
Full This is the most frequently chosen level of membership. Full members receive newsletters and pay the minimum fee, if any, for the events they attend. Full members also receive the BJC Babysitter List.
Sustaining Same as Full membership, but contributing a bit extra per year. All four levels of membership get the BJC newsletters from September through August. Those on our beginning-of-the-year mailing list who choose not to become members receive just the first two newsletters of the year.